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Right-click-chat-kick: Sometimes
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Right-click-chat-kick: Sometimes

Повідомлення Weiveismart » Суб, 03 липня 2021, 08:58

Right-click-chat-kick: Sometimes, users have some thing pre-typed and then join a conversation, press enter then leave right away, too fast to detach from the clan list. But should you right-click on the chat box message, you would have the option to block for 1-hour. Decision: The clan chat system is adequate but with RS gold these updates and others' thoughts as well, the clan chat system would be far more sophisticated.

Though it sounds like a fairly great reorganization, I'm a bit confused about how the kick log would work. You say that both the owner and personal moderation logs would show the reason behind the kick, but how do the log know what reason to put? The only way I notice that this could be achieved is if the rated member who did the kicking filled the log out manually, which means the reason could be falsified. Nonetheless, it might be useful in buy RuneScape gold cases where the chat owner and ranked member's view of an offense differed, assuming they were equally truthful.


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